Story Book Brides is a unique and exclusive bespoke service for creating exquisite Wedding Dresses. We are dedicated in capturing the essence and beauty of who you are.
Our creative and original designs are always underpinned by our knowledge of couture methods and decorative techniques. At an initial consultation we will listen to your ideas and consider carefully the venue and mood of your wedding.

From the outset you will be involved in the design and evolution of the dress. We will use drawings and fabric samples to work towards a final design and costing.
A toile is then made as a mock-up of the dress to perfect the fit and refine the style on the body.
A bespoke dress can take up to six months to complete and requires at least three fittings. At our final handover of your Wedding Dress there will be a small book presented to the bride of how the dress evolved from our very first meeting.

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